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Thief’s Magic by Trudi Canavan


Published by Orbit (May 2014)

I adore Trudi Canavan’s writing. Ever since I opened The Magician’s Guild (a long time ago) I’ve devoured every novel that she has deigned to gift to the world. I love how she creates these amazing worlds, magic systems and characters who come to life within the narrative and make you feel at home. It’s always a comfort coming to a Trudi Canavan novel so to read Millennium’s Rule series in lockdown was just what I needed.

I read Thief’s Magic back in 2014 when it was first released and I followed up with Angel of Storms in 2015 when that was released too. Successor’s Promise wasn’t released until 2017 – I bought it before going on holiday so I could read it in style but when I found out that it wasn’t a trilogy but a quadrilogy … I decided to wait until I had an idea of when the fourth book would be released before I would read it. Bring on 2020 and the release date of May 20th gave me a push but I needed to re-read the first two books (oh no! ha!).

The Millennium’s Rule series is ambitious to say the least! The series is set in a multiverse, there are thousands and thousands of worlds and each world has its own rules, systems, fashions, language etc etc etc yeah I know – mind blown. Thief’s Magic is the first novel of the series and is told from the perspectives of two protagonists – Tyen and Rielle who hail from two very different worlds and who don’t know each other … both can use magic although only one is trained and they are both, obviously destined to have an amazing story to tell.

Tyen finds himself in a difficult situation when he discovers a book that used to be a woman – details are in the book (lol) but you can use your imagination. Vella holds thousands of years of history in her ‘memory’ and Tyen is duty bound to hand over his discovery to the School of Magic that he attends. So when he doesn’t do that, he is branded a thief and leaves in search of a way to give Vella her body back.

Rielle lives in a world where magic is forbidden so when she discovers at a young age that she can sense it (and therefore use it) she hides her ability from everyone. Her world believes using magic is stealing from the Angels and as magic leaves a void where it was used, hiding it from the priests who serve the Angels is difficult and comes at a cost.

The development of the characters and the worldbuilding in Thief’s Magic is phenomenal. While the novel builds a lot of aspects up and acts as an introduction to the series it also tells a powerful tale on it’s own. Every detail has been thought of and just when I think I know what to expect, another curveball comes my way. Out of the two characters I much prefer Tyen, probably because he reminds me of myself. He is a sensitive character who finds himself in difficult situations, struggling to choose a side. His relationship with Vella is complicated, ranging from student, teacher, friend and protector which is interesting to pick apart. 

Through the narrative you really get a strong feeling of who the characters are and how they will respond in certain situations. Both Tyen and Rielle find themselves facing challenges which push them out of their comfort zones and force them to adapt and grow throughout. I loved seeing them both evolve and by the final chapter I couldn’t wait to see how their story would continue.

To any fantasy fans who haven’t given Trudi Canavan a go I would recommend you start!

Goodreads Rating: 4 / 5


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