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Mini Review – Death in Vermilion – Barbara Elle

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Independently Published 2018

Hi Guys!

I’m so pleased to be included in the Love Books Tours blog tour for Death in Vermilion by Barbara Elle! I was kindly gifted a copy of the novel to read and review for this stop on the tour.


A psychological thriller about murder among friends and enemies. Who do you trust?

Artist Leila Goodfriend is laying down the bones of a painting. When she’s interrupted by Iris, the noisy, unlikeable artist in the studio upstairs, Leila is distracted and annoyed.

When Leila discovers the racket was actually Iris’ dead body hitting the floor, she becomes obsessed: Who murdered Iris?

The other Red Barn Cooperative artists—competitive, jealous and hypocritical—are prime suspects. They all hated Iris. “An artist owes his life to his art,” Iris said.

Iris was good for a laugh. But no one is laughing now.

In this gripping mystery, new author Barbara Elle paints a clever, twisted picture of women and sisters, whose lives are entwined by a brutal murder in a charming Cape Code town.

Alibis fall apart. Plot twists multiply. And Leila comes to a dangerous conclusion.


Mini Review

Okay, can you see why I signed up for this tour? How juicy is that plot?

Well I can confirm it is very juicy indeed. Disclaimer – I have not yet finished my read of this book! My kindle tells me I’m at 62% which is a really random number. I should have this baby finished tonight but to be honest, I kind of wanted to write a review so far since all of my reviews are written knowing the ending and, as with everything, once you know the ending sometimes it can mar your experience of the whole thing.

So before I go away and finish this book I wanted to let you guys know how it was going.

I’ve really enjoyed reading this so far. The narrative jumped straight in, gave a simple yet satisfying overview of the layout and in we went. Before I knew it I was up to my eyeballs in death and mystery. I’m literally dying to know where it’s going (will I ever find out about Fred?). I want my answers, like, yesterday. The characters all have their own agendas and they keep drawing me in their favour on one page and shocking me on the next which I am loving to be honest, it is definitely keeping me on my toes and there is a great undertone of comedy which really helps to move the story along and get you liking those characters 🙂

This is Barbara Elle’s debut novel and her love of storytelling really shines through the language she uses. She is very descriptive but not overly so, you don’t drown in adjectives or anything! She has obviously done a decent amount of research into art and artistic terms which really helps you to get inside Leila’s head at times. I haven’t felt like I’m lost in the plot at all. So I would say if you like murder mystery novels with a bit of humour and interesting characters, definitely give this one a go! You can even read it on Kindle Unlimited in the UK right now (or buy it on Kindle – it’s not expensive) and it’s less than 300 pages so really, what are you waiting for?

When I have finished the book I may edit this post to include my final thoughts 🙂 But for now I’m going to focus on my actual enjoyment of the novel as I’m reading it.

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