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Daughter of Darkness by Katharine & Elizabeth Corr


Wow! What a fantastic setting for this greek myth inspired adventure!

First of all, I am slightly biased as I love the Corr sisters, I haven’t read all of their books yet but Throne of Swans remains one of my favourite books so I was very pleased to get an early copy of Daughter of Darkness – the first book in the sisters’ newest duology (who doesn’t love a duology?) The only downside is now waiting for the next book!

Daughter of Darkness is anchored in many Greek myths and I’m sad I don’t have the knowledge to give them all the admiration they deserve as I’ve probably missed many little tidbits. The Corr sisters have done so much research! There are several pages at the back of the novel in which they’ve mentioned all of the liberties they’ve taken with the subject material, right down to the size of the ships (they would have been smaller in reality). Ultimately, I love that this book came from a ‘what if?’ and that the authors have run away with themselves to tell this story.

We are introduced to several characters quite quickly in Daughter of Darkness, Deina (our MC) longs for freedom and she isn’t afraid to push to get there. She is pragmatic, she steals and she does it with the confidence of someone who knows any life would be better than what she is living. As a Soul Severer, every soul she sends between worlds wins her some time off of her sentence of servitude to the House of Hades. Unfortunately, the rest of the Severers are in the same boat which makes them brutally selfish and deceitful towards each other. Deina doesn’t trust her comrades and with good reason!

Underneath her tough exterior, Deina has a good heart and wants the best for everyone, including her best friend Chryse who, in all honesty I just didn’t like! In terms of romance … it took a long time for us to learn of Deina’s affections for a certain Severer 😉 but when we did it was excellent reading – I enjoyed that little bit of forced proximity although it was very brief indeed! I did love the character of Nat who was mysterious and cheeky!

Beyond the cast of characters, the setting of the underworld was intricate but also expansive. The team of Severers travel through several different terrains and meet many monsters in doing so but the authors keep the reader on track with their clear descriptions and the excitement – I was on the edge of my seat in some instances and could imagine the journey quite clearly – funnily enough it hasn’t made me want to go visit!

I’m always a bit nervous when it comes to dual authors but the Corr sisters always hit the mark, ensuring they write with a unanimous voice – although after listening to them at an author talk this does surprise me as they are like chalk and cheese! Anyway, the countdown is on … I cannot wait to get my hands on book two following the reveals in book one – I think the wait will be quite painful thanks to that ending!

Goodreads Rating – 4 / 5 stars


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