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Twin Crowns by Katherine Webber & Catherine Doyle


Twin Crowns was anything but expected when I started reading it a few weeks ago (thank you to the publisher and authors for my gifted e-copy). The story is firmly in the YA Fantasy genre but manages to encompass so many different aspects: twins separated at birth, nations on the brink of war, feared witches in hiding, magic, animal companions, role swaps, kidnapping, love interests – the list goes on and I am here for it!

I LOVED the long lost separated twins, one living in riches and one, the opposite with outcast witches. Unraveling their family history was so well done within the narrative by the authors, who use a dual POV to tell the story. I’d find it hard to choose a favourite as I enjoyed both twins perspectives – Rose, as the twin expecting to take the crown, unite nations and take over the rule was headstrong, smart and despite living a sheltered childhood – very independent. Wren, on the other hand, has grown up with witches and harnesses her own power giving her a confidence and unruly personality while still wanting approval from her grandmother. She has grown up knowing her history and so, after her friend kidnaps Rose to get her out of the way – Wren takes her place and attempts to integrate into the palace life while hiding her power in a bid to take the crown.

This twin life swapping leads to several entertaining situations and a romance I was fully behind! I found the story moved quickly (although I did find it a slow start) and it kept me engaged. While the story interweaves several elements, it was easy to follow and doesn’t overdo itself on surprises and it brings in a lot of personalities that complement and bounce off each other in equal measure. Twin Crowns has given me my favourite romance of the year so far and some giggles too! Rose and Wren are so contrasting they fit well together. Both sisters strive to wear the crown and I must admit I changed my mind a lot throughout while I decided who I wanted to succeed – testament to the authors writing really, their styles blended so well for Twin Crowns and I can’t wait to read more!

I am hoping for book two we get more diverse rep and more on the magic system and the world as it seemed there was so much to explore, we barely scratched the surface in Twin Crowns and I definitely found it to be a grower while I was reading!

Goodreads Rating – 4 /5 Stars


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