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Midnight in Everwood by M.A Kuzniar


Midnight in Everwood is a magical retelling of The Nutcracker which is not a story I’m overly familiar with but I really want to see more adaptions now! Marietta is a wonderful and strong protagonist, she is determined and knows what she wants from her life which is vastly different to what her parents have in mind.

Marietta loves to dance, Kuzniar really captured a love of ballet in the language she uses throughout the narrative – I could picture all the dance moves while I was reading! I think ballet is a really magical form of dance with a lot of skill involved and I loved having that in my imagination with this winter wonderland setting; it definitely added to the depth of the story for me.

The relationships in the novel were clever but not overly described although I got a handle on Marietta’s love for her brother through their few interactions. Most of the conversations and actions were between Marietta and the two women also stuck in Everwood and that was great because on the other side of this, while Marietta spends some time with the captain, their romance isn’t used as an integral point of the plot or overly elaborated on which is another plus for me in this one as I enjoyed the relationships Marietta builds with the other women and how they were so very different but strong in all different ways.

Highlights for me in the book were:

  • The dancing
  • The various relationships – although not the main character, there are m/m and f/f relationships in the plot
  • The writing style – easy to read but thorough and the descriptions were lush and made me crave sweet things.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what Kuzniar releases next as Midnight in Everwood is a very niche genre and her style really worked for it. I also cannot wait to see the paperback version next year as the hardback is beautiful.

Goodreads Rating – 4 / 5 Stars


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