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The Prison Healer by Lynette Noni


Thank you to Hodderscape for sending me a lovely ARC of The Prison Healer

Let’s just get it out of the way – I LOVED this book. I could not stop reading, it was an easy and intriguing read from start to finish, full of surprises!

Lynette Noni has created a fantastic story set in a death prison in a world of elemental magic; I was quickly sucked into the narrative and all the way through I thought I knew what was going to happen – but it didn’t! Well, it kind of did, but the reveal was spot on!

The Prison Healer- Kiva, is such a good character, sassy and pragmatic from start to finish. She is strategic and strong, using her history and wit to make sturdy relationships. I found Kiva to be endearing in her quest to heal the other prisoners, always putting them first and her no-nonsense view of life was, in a way, brutal. My favourite character was Tipp, Kiva’s young sidekick in the infirmary. I became more and more invested in Tipp’s welfare as the book progressed.

There are so many interweaving elements to The Prison Healer, I’m so glad it’s a trilogy so we will get to explore everything involved! Considering this book is only around 400 pages – so much happens! The trials, the plague, the prisoners. On the surface, this is an easy going fantasy story but under the surface Noni has created a world of magic, history and political strife. We have only brushed the world outside of the prison – the rebel queen and the rebel cause, the royal family with their elemental magic and Kiva’s family, who are waiting for her.

So while I pine for book two, how about you read The Prison Healer and come back to let me know what you think?!

Goodreads Rating 5 / 5


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