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Book Tour and Q&A – The Asylum by Karen Coles


I really enjoyed The Asylum! It drew me in quickly and kept me engaged throughout. Learning Maud’s story; watching it unravel through her hypnosis was fantastic – the elements of past and ‘present’ (still past but you know what I mean!) were woven together seamlessly to create an endearing and intriguing story.

The standout elements for me were definitely the glimpses into Maud’s history and her journey to find out what happened to her. It is so hard not to post spoilers! Karen Coles is an excellent storyteller and really digs into her characters behaviours. Maud is written in first person and you really do become her while you are reading, Coles gives you so much detail in her writing, letting you know thoughts, feelings and exploring the senses – right down to smells and tastes. Amazing!

I’ve given The Asylum four stars as I really did enjoy it and I desperately wanted to know how it would end. I don’t read a lot of historical novels so to find such an easy read was great!

Trigger Warnings to consider: mental health, abuse, death, non consensual sex, loss of baby, force feeding.

Keep reading to find my Q&A and if you head over to my Instagram there’s a giveaway to win a finished copy of this fab book!


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