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Book Tour! Sistersong by Lucy Holland


Sitting at 402 pages I have to admit Sistersong took me a bit of getting into. My inner voice read this in an ethereal storyteller way – as if I was sat around a campfire listening to it which definitely added to the atmosphere I felt through the pages. Holland has a unique voice and is obviously passionate about history – the amount of research that went into this book must be a lot (I’m only guessing) based on the language alone.

Sistersong follows three sisters and is a historical fantasy set around the arrival of the saxons. It is an epic tale and is written from the perspective of the three sisters who all use the first person to tell their tales.

The chapters revolve through these perspectives which was great in that you got to piece together the characters and I enjoyed getting to know them this way however this meant that the chapters are relatively short and moved quickly when I wanted more from each of them. I found myself longing to get to Riva’s chapters- I enjoyed her portrayal and watching her relationship with Tristan but Sinne frustrated me. Keyne stole the story completely, they intrigued me a lot, especially the development of their magic and its connection to the land.

Sistersong holds themes of family, identity and belonging whilst fighting for freedom and Lucy narrates this beautifully – I could picture everything clearly while I was reading. Whilst this wasn’t my favourite read, I did enjoy it and think it is really well written and presented. Definitely one to recommend to historical fantasy fans, especially those who enjoy bard tales or myths and fables. I’ll be interested to see what Holland writes next for sure!


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