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Blog Blast! The Split by Laura Kay


Aaah! This was such a lovely read!

I was very much drawn in by the cover … and the tagline (for some reason it really tickled me). Look at that beautiful blue! I first heard about this book on the Quercus Word of Mouth evening last year and I knew I had to read it!

Ally is a ridiculously endearing character, she gets things wrong and she reacts like a human being. I loved Kay’s relaxed and relatable narrative – Ally’s friend Jeremy was also lovely, and her dad. And Malcolm (the cat).

There is something really heartwarming about The Split. I’ve seen some good ratings over the last few weeks and I can see why. I found myself thinking about how Ally reacts to her situation is a little silly, but also believable and the way Kay draws you in to the novel – this is a debut novel by the way – is very subtle but packs quite the punch. I didn’t realise how invested I was until it was all over and it really made me think about how sometimes you need to be out of your comfort zone to realise how bad your relationships can be.

I have to say here, although I warmed up to Ally a lot I did not agree with some of her actions. I found myself cringing at some of the emails she sends to Emily, her ex. I felt she could be a little manipulative in what she was saying but then this only served as a reminder of how relationships can deeply affect you and how this one was not as healthy as it seemed to be in hindsight. Plus, nobody is perfect.

I read The Split over a couple of evenings – it’s a really easy read. The romance is minimal but appropriate, choosing to focus on Ally’s personal development and friendships over steam (sorry steam lovers). I really enjoyed reading a f/f romance – I must admit I don’t find them very often but I’ll be seeking more out now. If you fancy a cute read this year please consider this one!

Goodreads Rating – 4 / 5 Stars


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