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Act Your Age, Eve Brown by Talia Hibbert


Much thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for my advanced e-arc of this book – it was everything I wanted and needed it to be!

I love, love, love Hibbert’s writing, she explored romance in a contemporary setting with a diverse mix of characters. In Eve Brown Hibbert goes the extra mile to include and not hide away, her neurodivergent cast. Eve and Jacob are both autistic and they show this in very different behaviours.

In this book we meet Eve, who I would like to confirm is not a hot mess – we’ve all been there, right? Not really known what to do with ourselves and our lives! Eve is struggling to hold down education and then a career, so after an argument with her parents (her very judgy and rude parents), she leaves their house to prove she can get a job all on her own and support herself. Eve’s parents do not come across well in this novel and I was really disappointed in Gigi not having more involvement in the situation!

Anyway, Eve meets Jacob who owns a cosy and perfect B&B in the countryside and finds herself helping out around the place after an unfortunate incident involving her car … lol.

Eve’s growing relationship with Jacob is a really nice development through the pages and helps her understand her behaviours as she develops through the narrative whereas Jacob is living with a diagnosis of autism from his childhood. I think Hibbert did a great job of showing that autism displays itself in many different ways and these often don’t get picked up on until way into adulthood.

There is also steaminess! As expected in Hibbert’s books! And actually, Eve Brown includes a scene involving a sex toy which to be honest, I haven’t seen in a book before (although I admit, I don’t read all the romance so maybe I’m missing something that is actually quite prevalent?). Away from the sexiness, Eve and Jacob are so cute together; they bounce off each other with Eve’s sharp with and Jacob’s bluntness. I felt like they were perfect for each other and the steamy scenes were actually delicious.

I’m sad to see the end of the Brown sisters tales but I am very glad I can pick them all back up again from the beginning! I’d recommend The Brown Sisters books if you like a steamy romance with a decent story of believable (and oh so lovable) characters!

Goodreads Rating 4 / 5 Stars!


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