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The Island by C.L Taylor


Thank you to HQ for my advanced e-copy in anticipation of the Book Tour on Instagram.

I really enjoyed The Island by C.L Taylor! It was released last week in the UK and is Taylor’s second Young Adult novel. I actually have the first on my shelf and haven’t read it yet (they’re not connected)!

Right from the opening chapter The Island immediately gives you a nibble on the mystery of these six teenagers, straight away I wanted to know what was going on. I really enjoyed the pace of the narrative – it moves fast and you need to keep up! As you can expect there are lots of twists and turns within the story, along with finger pointing among the characters. Taylor writes multiple POV accounts but not too many so it’s really easy to keep track!

I didn’t particularly overthink the characters involvement while I was reading – I didn’t engage with any of them more than another which I think would have pushed my rating to 5 stars if I had. All of the teens were only briefly introduced at first so you need to keep reading to unravel their characteristics and relationships. Taylor did this really well, it kept me reading far too late at night!

Ultimately this is a thriller novel so I can’t say a lot in case I ruin it! The Island was good though, it was an easy read for me and broke my fantasy streak – it gave me a much needed break! I’d recommend it for fans of Lost (of course!) and the Karen McManus books since it’s aimed at the same kind of audience.

Goodreads Rating – 4 / 5 Stars


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