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Fable by Adrienne Young


I want to thank Wednesday books and Titan for granting me access to this title on Netgalley. I did also receive the Fairyloot edition which I have since swapped for the above cover because I preferred it.

Okay, this is a really hard review for me to write to be honest. Not because I hated the book; because I absolutely loved it. I read it mostly in a day which for me is practically unheard of and it was my first (and certainly not last) book by Adrienne Young.

Fable introduces you to a world of pirates. I love pirates, always have. The world is brutal – Fable herself lives on an island where she fights daily to survive, she was abandoned there several years previously and does not have a house to live in. The scar on her arm makes everyone look at her with suspicion and she deals with thieves every second. Brutal. 

But Fable is a fighter. She has a talent for finding jewels while diving and this is how she makes her living with the aim of bartering passage away on a ship so she can be reunited by her father and take her place at his side. The ship happens to be captained by West, a figure soaked in intrigue and the obvious love-interest. It was obvious and I loved it.

I won’t delve into the plot any more, it would give far too much away! But I want you to know that the world is built steadily after the initial impact, the characters are real and driven by understandable desires and the narrative itself is stunning. I was blown away by the amount of movement this book takes in – it’s not a long book so to go on such a massive journey arc, yeah I was impressed. I loved the ship’s crew and I was taken by surprise at some of the twists and turns, Fable kept me on my toes for sure.

[Just writing this makes me want to pick it up all over again]

At first, I was pretty sceptical. I had seen so much love for this book I was curious about why and I needed an easy read, plus I’m desperate to improve my Netgalley rating … Fable seemed the obvious choice for me to read but at first I just didn’t get what was going on. The narrative dives straight in and expects you to catch up quick to where our protagonists are in their story – I caught up quick. By 25% I was invested and literally did not move from my chair until I had reached the end – the dreaded cliffhanger.

Honestly … brutal. How is this even allowed? My heart literally cannot take it!

Good job I already had Namesake ready to go … thanks Wednesday Books! Fable has become one of my favourite books this year!

Goodreads Rating 5 / 5 stars


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