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The Love Square by Laura Jane Williams


As you can expect from the synopsis this was a light-hearted and entertaining read. I wouldn’t say it was overly unique or mind blowing but for the genre, it brought some cute and meaningful context to a pretty formulaic narrative.

Williams has a lovely easy-to-read writing style, I haven’t read Our Stop which was her debut released last year but I’m definitely going to pick it up now I’ve read The Love Square. Stand out for me with this novel was the inclusion of Penny’s past cancer trauma, being pre-menopausal and her desire to have a child – with or without a man. This is something I rarely see in novels and I feel quite passionately about so it was ‘nice’ to see these under-represented issues in such a mainstream book. Plus, Williams included a non-binary character without specifically calling them non-binary so massive kudos on that and Charlie was one of my favourites.

Drawback for me was probably the male suitors – they all seemed a bit too … varied. As if Williams was trying to encompass all ‘genres’ of the male ego. I don’t really feel like Penny needed SO many men to come along all at once but I understand that was the premise of the entire narrative. It was a drawback but not a deal-breaker. I still enjoyed reading it.

I really liked the way The Love Square ended. It wasn’t overly dramatic, it had a steady conclusion with a dash of conflict and everything was tied off nicely leaving me quite satisfied with my read!

Goodreads Rating: 4 /5


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