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Book Blitz – Love Bites by Ry Herman


Angela likes Chloe. Chloe likes Angela. It should be simple enough – there’s just the small matter of Angela’s aversion to sunlight. And crosses. And mirrors . . .

In 1998, Angela was a smart, gothy astronomy student Β­- until her then-girlfriend accidentally turned her into a vampire. A year later, she divides her time between her post-graduate degree (working on it in a dark, basement room, and only at night) and controlling her need for human blood.

Then she meets lonely but wryly humorous slush-pile reader Chloe, who’s battling demons of her own. Chloe’s anxiety and depression can make it hard for her to leave the house, while memories of her ex haunt her at night.

As sparks fly and romance blooms, Angela and Chloe struggle to hide their difficulties from each other – but sometimes the only way out is to let someone else in.


Guys nobody panic but it is Friday tomorrow! Woohoo!

So today is the blitz for Love Bites by Ry Herman!

This is a debut novel which I was drawn to by the cover in all honesty plus, vampires!

So firstly, my favourite character was the cat, Entropy. Loved that it was crazy and opened drawers to empty them. Secondly, the main characters themselves were really interesting. Throughout the book, Angela and Chloe faced their mental health issues left from previous relationships and I think this was handled really well to be honest. Herman tackled anxiety and depression without being condescending, including some symptoms not usually used in books which I really appreciated.

The downside for me was how long it took me to actually get into the story, it was a really slow burn for me in the beginning and because of the multiple character narratives I found it quite disjointed. This did get easier the more I read and got into the characters but it did take away some of the enjoyment in the beginning and made me feel it was a little unnecessary having so much back and forth early on.

All in all it was a cute little story with some sweet f/f romance. Plus vampires!

Rating 3 / 5


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